Friday, December 5, 2014

[My First Response Is....]

My first response is to determine the rules to prevent
me from writing a poem about anything other than determining rules.

So (I just began a stanza with so, a word my daughter often uses
in her essay I just edited, an undergraduate rhetorical stutter
to lead the reader to the author's conclusion), I amended current
rules and shuttered one place, froze another, so a poem.

My mother's insistence my father stole her drivers license
and now denies stealing it is the essential narrative
driving my mother's eighty years in her mind. Written. Published.

New rules then: I will write what I want and not what I don't.
Tablet must be displayed on every VNTY'SGRVYRD post
regardless of typos if rest of poem is published, but not every
post, not all edits, and what I write but don't post doesn't need posting.
All tablets will be this tablet and replacement tablets have been ordered.

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