Saturday, January 24, 2015

These Guys Try to Make Us Match Moods to Products


Rae Armantrout


These guys try to make us
match moods to products

the way once,
under love’s spell,

we attached meaning
to sound,

attached sounds to objects.

The old magic won’t work now,

but it’s nice
to be reminded of it.


She’s a tease,
tears her skirts off

one by one.

Drops her petals
as if she could always
make more.

It’s tiresome.

We know
what she looks like

On a cold night,
we can see forever.


  1. Thanks for linking, but link seems to be headed elsewhere.

    As for Scherzer, exciting move, no profit margin (which is fine, just how it goes with superstars), likely to be excellent the first few years, a C.C. Sabathian drag the last few years. I'd think about moving Strasburg (cuz he's gonna cost a fortune to keep and injury risk is high for SPs, especially heat-throwing already-repaired SPs) for a solid middle-of-the-order guy on a reasonable long-term deal. This guy suggests Mookie Betts:

    1. Fixed, my apologies.

      I've heard the Red Sox angle too but (a) Red Sox worry Strasburg - who is easily freaked out into shittiness - would freak out at Green Monster and (b) Nats want Betts and some other top prospect (whose name I forget, sorry) Red Sox won't trade.

      But yes, Scherzer deal is smart for win now - if he gives them anything significant 2018 + that's bonus.