Friday, February 6, 2015


That's one of Earthgirl's current projects, a portrait of Fleabus. I saw it for the first time this morning: I photoed it, downloaded the photo to drive and uploaded photo to blog to post without thinking before remembering I am trying to quit the automatic. When the sun comes directly through the window on the right Fleabus bakes herself by the hour and is a very reliably motionless model. I can't do that.

Thanks for the Kind words, comments, and emails. Please believe me, I am not bleggacidal, my apologies for the maudlin, I just, at this precise moment, don't feel like working the daily bleggal as the daily bleggal was constituted here the past eleven years for, at current count in tablet, sixteen pages of reasons. Fuck, here's what deciding whether to post this felt like:

We're Kensington to Frederick to Hagerstown to Hancock to Cumberland to Morgantown to Washington to Wheeling to Zanesville to Gambier to visit Planet tomorrow, I anticipate my internal debate whether to post the traditional travelogue Sunday (which, yes, I once promised not to do again and haven't the past few trips) to sound much like this:


  1. i like the painting very much

    if you walk away from the blog, please leave it standing rather than demolishing it, as someone suggested recently - a blog of yesteryear can offer many nostalgic pleasures

  2. Good to see that old habits die hard. Everybody deserves a break. Hell, I took a six-month or so sabbatical from blogging and slowed down blogging frequency. Didn't hurt my paltry numbers/click too much.

    'Course, if you're like me, seeing Planet will lift your spirits. We just got word that Wisdaughter has been accepted to USC for grad school—the nearest of the West Coast schools which are the only ones she applied to. And with Wisdommie out in HI... {sigh}

    Now that Sully's done, are you sensing the death throes of this platform? Is that what your spidey senses are telling you? Too long-form for U.S. ADD?

    Love the painting. Always loved EG's approach to color.

    Safe travels.

  3. Earthgirl is very talented, I love the painting. Now for an important announcement; Today is now International Fleabus Day! Fleabus!!!!

    1. Best cat ever. I've known a lot of cats - and most cats like me, are their cat around me, even cats that don't like most people - and known a more than a few great cats. Best cat ever.

  4. Yeah, the Fleabus portrait is gold. Even the framing of the photo makes the most of it.

  5. my cat dinah is the best cat in the house

    pau is the best cat buried in the back yard, and the best cat ever when the phrase is expanded to "best cat i've ever met"

    for my rap rhyme about him, see my previous comment at this blog