Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There's Always a Punchbowl, Somewhere, in Which Floats a ....

At this point in our relationship you deserve the full frontal. There was one vote for the Death Cat. Nobody else voted. Success! There was one more vote than I anticipated. The person who voted also requested I not totally forego the occasional Aargh Aggregation. I started these last night before hearing today's news of the execution of three Muslims in North Carolina. Four straight days without the dark on my shoulder, hate in my heart, Friday through yesterday. Was sweet. So yes, a pathetic attempt at recapturing the joy of giggling at a stupidass gag by rerunning it again today.


Thomas Lux

It must be coming, mustn’t it? Churches
and saloons are filled with decent humans.
A mother wants to feed her daughter,
fathers to buy their children things that break.
People laugh, all over the world, people laugh.
We were born to laugh, and we know how to be sad;
we dislike injustice and cancer,
and are not unaware of our terrible errors.
A man wants to love his wife.
His wife wants him to carry something.
We’re capable of empathy, and intense moments of joy.
Sure, some of us are venal, but not most.
There’s always a punchbowl, somewhere,
in which floats a…
Life’s a bullet, that fast, and the sweeter for it.
It’s the same everywhere: Slovenia, India,
Pakistan, Suriname—people like to pray,
or they don’t,
or they like to fill a blue plastic pool
in the back yard with a hose
and watch their children splash.
Or sit in cafes, or at table with family.
And if a long train of cattle cars passes
along West Ridge
it’s only the cattle from East Ridge going to the abattoir.
The unbroken world is coming,
(it must be coming!), I heard a choir,
there were clouds, there was dust,
I heard it in the streets, I heard it
announced by loudhailers
mounted on trucks.


  1. I did not vote—intentionally. I felt there was no real difference between the photos, the choice of either would make me complicit in the charade that is 'little 'd'' democracy. Corporate wins either way. And I will no longer implicate myself in Its kabuki.

  2. What Jim H. said. Also too, I have it on good authority that whenever I post anything anywhere someone somewhere else say, "Oh, that guy again."

  3. You've learned your lessons well, Grasshoppers.

  4. last night on the tv game show spouse and self watch at half past seven on channel seven they referred to a sense organ and the correct response was 'tongue'

    and of course the tongue appears in the top photo here

    and i was thinking - the tongue is not just a sense organ, but a muscle, and participates in alimentary as well as intellectual activities

    "tongue in cheek" - an interesting expression

    then there's the colloquial phrase "cat got your tongue?"

    i can't think of a good way to wrap up this comment - here's something, though -

    "how's your tongue?"
    "compared to what?"