Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three George Harrison Songs You Haven't Heard in Years for George's 72nd Birthday

Today's first George post has ten more songs and one full album of George. Forgive me, I always loved George best.


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  1. some of these george harrison songs i haven't heard for decades - others, not at all - i believe i have "all things must pass" on vinyl in the garage, but i'm not one hundred percent certain

    the song of his i've played most often on my keyboard, from sheet music (my skill is modest, but i can entertain myself for hours, and others for minutes), is "while my guitar gently weeps" - followed by "something" and "think for yourself" - on this last i like one of the thick reverb-heavy voice settings

    "guitar", though, i like best on voice number 1, "piano"

    looking for a song by him with "snow "in the lyrics i found "any road"

    at youtube they segue to a reminiscence by eric clapton