Monday, March 30, 2015

My Poem on Free Speech After My Censor's Edits

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  1. back in the twentieth century i edited a college dormitory newsletter, printed on a gestetner mimeograph machine

    from this i hived off an "alternative" version with the slogan f*ck censhorship

    in the following issue i kept the slogan but changed the spelling - i put the vowel in the first word, and removed it from the second word, c*nsr*rsh*p

    i thought it was funny - i was, of course, very young

    at that time the poetry anthology we read in english class included cumming's i sing of olaf with a couple of the wording abbreviated - "i will not kiss your f. flag" "there is some s. i will not eat"

    more recently, looking for the poem on the internet, i have seen these words are more often spelled out - a phrase search finds the abbreviation for the f. word is half as common as the fully-spelled-out participle

    who knows if it's good or bad?