Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's the Horse Butt That's Properly Lit

Thanks for the Kind words re: this. That's how I did things once. I stopped. I've started again. I've theories why both the stop and restart. If I write about them I'll write about them that way and if I do write about them that way I'll post them here, not there. That? A whole separate though related set of theories. Second use, this post, new tag Mememe.


Jessica Fjeld

In a famous painting of a founding father
and the back end of a horse

it’s the horse butt that’s properly lit
groomed out        smooth       an immortal peach

Who can say what it means about revolution
that the horse’s tail emerges as though it had no bones in it

no chunky mechanics of the living
And the horse is not well muscled

but has been living in the rich grass
swollen like a birthday balloon