Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Theme Song March 2015

Played lots of Fucked Up here, mentioned I loved them - holyfuck, I love them - but never tagged them, O what a fucked up motherfucker am I. Oh, me? I'm better, all's fine. Please play Fucked Up LOUD! if you can. If you can't or more probably just don't, that's cool too. No blogs were killed in the production of this post. Wait. That's not true.

Also too, Rest in Peace, Gene the Dancing Machine.


  1. i read the obit for gene gene the dancing machine - sad to learn that he had both legs amputated due to diabetes

    on the gong show i really liked the unknown comic, with the bag over his head - see also next paragraph below

    i used the google cache feature to read some of your poems at hollowtide - most memorable is the one about the nose - facial appearance is an concern of mine right now because of the basal cell carcinoma surgery scar that is quite apparent on my cheek - it will fade as time goes by, the surgeon says

  2. That woman took her shirt off!

    1. That's Jaye P Morgan, or as Chuck called her, Jaye! >pause< P! >longer pause< Mor-GOWN!

  3. 'More stuff' just left the building:-(