Monday, March 16, 2015

[Cowardice demands I type this here]

Cowardice demands I type this here: yes, loud-mouthing's
easy drunk on fandom, and my choice of Dark Uniform
rebukes false waahs, re: costume prejudice in the workplace

As if the costume didn't fool even me. To answer the direct
whine: I'm a bookstore manager, I never wanted to be district manager,
I'm not qualified to be the district manager, that's not my point

It was their point; it shocked them I'd said so
before they had the chance to say so
surprised them a bookstore manager who never bought a district manager's uniform knew

I would wear a costume to a District Manager convention
so I'd be notorious, the bookstore manager in a District Manager uniform
I'd overhear later conversations, who the fuck was that guy?
I'd say, him? he's The Dark Uniform of Bookstore Managers