Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Bird That Mimics Sounds

So, I saw the Washington Post front page article claiming Freddie Gray purposely broke his own back and immediately thought of the obvious Lebowski allusion and then began barking. Movie clip from Lebowski below the fold along with barking and links (including to friends' joints) and songs and a (not mine) poem. Of course I dig this blegangst, though how much longer I run this bury the barking below the fold gag will be determined within the next motherfucking decade, but I'm tentatively hopeful this is it....

  • The BPD explains how Freddie Gray was injured
  • Time rotates - an empty stadium in Baltimore.
  • Anarchy in the Northeast: now, if you are an anarchist (which i admit will discredit you in some circles, particularly in morbidly authoritarian or capitulation culture, e.g. the political right and the political left), this is just flatly, literally true. i personally define anarchism as the position that government has no moral legitimacy, no moral justification to exist. (i take myself literally to have proven that. no one cares, but they have no argument, no plausible reasons to give, on the other side. the point is just to capitulate, not to give reasons or whatever.) now, if that's the case, armed groups roving your neighborhood, whether they have badges or not, are all of a piece, or can only be assessed morally, first, in that they are strutting around town with weapons, which may be a bit of a problem in itself. but they can be assessed in part by their actual effects: if the crips are more violent, or more arbitrary, or more racist, etc., then they are worse than the police, and vice versa. but they are doing exactly the same thing.


Kathryn Cowles

A book for the identification of. For use in an
actual field. Birds beasts and flowers. This is the
sound a black bird makes. This the red bird. A
bird that mimics sounds. That copies. The sort
of flower that looks like a bell. Like the dress of
a little girl. A set of instructions. For taxonomy.
Which came first. A system of naming. Is it this
or is it that. A miniature. A list. All possible
variations. An artist's rendering of. In their
natural environment. A territory. Rendered in
blue. Like a body of water. A two-dimensional
representation of a mountain. Its height rendered
in topographical circles. Diagrammatic. The bird. Its
parts, labeled. A photograph of a flower. Some
characteristics difficult to transcribe. To point not
to red but to point again. The hyphenated lettering
stands in for the bird sound. The photograph
stands in for. Praise be. Something taken down.


  1. And what happens when a stadium is empty? You get to hear EVERYTHING. ...

    1. I wondered before the game if both the TV and/or radio broadcasts for one or other or both teams were going to add a seven second delay and have someone man the dump button. I also wondered what instructions the players were given before the game re: don't drop f-bombs etc....

  2. Allowing that they were just goofing around, it's really the wrong place and time for that sort of thing, innit?

    But hey, good times. Whoever said that decorum is dead? Or that athletes are smart?

  3. damn. thats a hell of a poem. looks nice too. my fatal flaw. fuck.