Friday, May 1, 2015

Turn Any Computer into an Entertainment Center

Pere Ubu, fellow motherfuckers, salve. Last night was Thursday night and I had a pint but it wasn't Thursday Night Pints, which are no more. Half the TV screens were tuned to CNN desperately searching for black looters, half tuned to ESPN's patriotic celebration of this year's NFL Nigger Distribution Show. Althusser, I said to the once-potential friend who will never sit down with me again for a pint, talked of Ideological State Apparatuses, strategies power employs to delude the masses that they have full access to all aspects of power if only the proper dedication and obedience and will to achieve that access is pursued. There are, what, 32 NFL teams with, what, 50 man rosters each, that's 1500+ NFL jobs, and the only reason the tens of thousands of West Baltimore blacks don't have one of those jobs is shiftlessness and laziness, that's the narrative of those two TVs. He - a relatively new English professor put in touch with me upon the recommendation of beloved L, late of Thursday Night Pints, relocated to Atlanta - said, and I paraphrase, you're fucking nuts.

  • He paraphrased another you're fucking nuts when I said Fuck motherfucking Obama after the not-new-friend expressed sympathy for Obama's dilemma in addressing the Baltimore protests - It's a difficult position Obama's in, the guy said. You're an English professor? I asked.
  • Dear L, I love you, and I acknowledge my simmering mood and the fast-triggered blurts that accompany that mood, but...
  • Oh, the CNN TVs were silent but all could here the ESPN broadcast - after each of the first four picks, all African-Americans, all four ESPN clowns spoke glowingly of the draftees' character - he's humble, hard-working, dedicated, easy to coach: it may not be deliberate, as in they were told to say that, I said, but it certainly isn't accidental. A third paraphrase of you're fucking nuts, he said.
  • Richard writes about his home town of Baltimore.
  • Reminder! Fuck the motherfucking police.
  • The internet of things and the new domestic landscape.
  • The Death of the Internet: Pre-Mortem.
  • Amplified drought.
  • Who's afraid of the Pope?
  • Music becomes a whore.
  • neither.


  1. 1) your account of the conversation while swilling beer reminds me of what someone once said to me in another context, but in the same ballpark of the search for congenial companions -

    if the train don't stop at your station, it ain't your train

    2) there may a sufficiently large context within which our current vicissitudes are just a stage in the development of a humane, reasonable global civilization - let's hope

    3)martin o'malley's remarks on balmer rioting are ok, sort of

    1. It was only one pint - all the patience we had for the other. I'm not sure how many pints are necessary to read Swilling, but it's at least one more than one.