Thursday, April 9, 2015

People Root for the Underdog but Vote for the Asshole

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Achoo! The spray from that sneeze Tonight on Cupcake Wars: What I will unfollow you if
hydrates this page's watercolors Rahm's re-election means for America. you tweet one more image
though washes were watered Contestant One regards sprinkles of elephant poachers gloating
before the sneeze. It IS true as moral obligation, Contestant  over corpse of detusked 
I just sneezed, that mucus flew, Two regards cream cheese icing bull. Your ##.##.##.###
I wish I'd thought to sneeze as cheating unto holocaust, can be disappeared from me
on blank page and necessitated Contestant Three spits into One's like spit in a batter.
a new poem. HEY! Who is the guy and Two's batter and wins the contest. Victors are always assholes
in North Augusta, South Carolina People root for the underdog and I can't quit contests
IP address ##.##.##.### but vote for the asshole. Contestant safe knowing in Battle-
consistent as a bot? It's not Two is crying for the camera per Asshole I haven't the skills
my father, not one brother, contract requirement, Contestant to win. Ah. Here's a sneeze,
maybe the other brother, not One admits he should have spit I got to tablet on time. 
my troll, not a commenting  into Two's and Three's batter but I'm told I can win if I try.
regular, consistent as a bot. lacked the amorality necessary. Tonight, on Donut Wars:
I'm told I can know if I want to know. Rahm knows. Show folk Be the ultimate hole
That I want to know is why I can't. you're an asshole, certain win. in an inedible donut.

Also too, while I'm here, my two favorite albums of 2015 so far, plus the most important thing you'll read today, America: Structural: This Is How It's Going Down.


  1. Gesundheit! How glorious, this is goldenly gold. I wish my printing or cursive were as legible. Some time I'll show you a scan of the face of a page of my analog notebook and you'll see.

    Too bad Rahm don't mean cream like it do in German. Too much cream makes Jewish Jesus lie. I can get you a toe unless you want.

  2. Sunday September 21 2014

    586 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA

    Doughnuts and Death: A Baker’s Dozen of Emily Dickinson’s Most Depressing Poems

    2 p.m. A walking tour of West Cemetery, where Emily Dickinson is buried, focused on the poet’s darkest works. Free gingerbread doughnuts provided.

  3. Should've known the title quip was yours (not, say, E. Dickinson's!). Like the Colleen!

    Oh, and boogers are mild. Ask Piss Christ.

  4. with respect to "the most important thing you'll read today" - you link to tom clark's post on the fellow shot dead in the back by the cop in north charleston, south carolina - without wishing to seem in any way in favor of killing people by shooting them in the back, let me point out that before i was born - and i was born a long time ago - a movie scene depicted the attempted murder by a cop of a man who had punched him "on the button", as the script puts it - i.e. on the chin - but who was running away, and who was unarmed - the cop and the perp were both white, by the way - this is from "it's a wonderful life" - george bailey is struggling through the crowd at the pottersville bar -

    GEORGE (cont'd)
    Clarence! Clarence! Where are you?


    CLOSE SHOT �� Just as George breaks through the door, Bert
    arrives in his police car. He gets out and heads for the door, to
    run into George as he comes out.

    Oh, it's you!

    He grabs for George, who lets him have one square on the button,
    knocking him down, then continues running down the street yelling for Clarence.

    Bert gets up, takes out his gun and fires several shots after the fleeing figure.

    1. Yeah, well, that just proves that it is, in fact, a wonderful life, after all.