Sunday, June 7, 2015

But It Would Be, If Not Teased, a Kind, Amiable Animal, Confiding as a Chickadee

Herein, this blog's Theme Songs 2 through 8 (in order), removed from the side bar where (a) - said without bitterness - nobody listened and (b) yes, I've been noticing the blog is loading even slower than usual too and these seven youtubes no doubt contributed. I've posted them here with the special tag Theme Songs so that at some unspecified point in the future when I try to remember them I have a score sheet to test against my memory. Also too: I'll try to keep a smaller footprint on front page. Also too: I've updated the blogrolls, removed at least two dozen links to blogs that no longer exist and two dozen more to blogs that hadn't updated in more than two years that belonged to people who may or not be kind in real life but never shared Kind with me here. If one of them was yours - I'm almost positive none of those killed ever knew this blog existed, but - please let me know. Early results suggest these feeble actions help a little. No, I won't stop using youtubes.

Theme Songs four through eight, links, Levertov poem below the fold.






Denise Levertov

This person would be an animal.
This animal would be large, at least as large
as a workhorse. It would chew cud, like cows,
having several stomachs.
No one could follow it
into the dense brush to witness
its mating habits. Hidden by fur,
its sex would be hard to determine.
Definitely it would discourage
investigation. But it would be, if not teased,
a kind, amiable animal,
confiding as a chickadee. Its intelligence
would be of a high order,
neither human nor animal, elvish.
And it would purr, though of course,
it being a house, you would sit in its lap,
not it in yours.

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