Saturday, June 6, 2015

People Will Ask, "Why Should We Care About This Unattractive Character?" *Despite* the Fact that Turning Yourself into an Admirable Character Has Been Considered Gauch for as Long as I Can Recall

  • But I already sent notification, though not in Icelandic, in comments a post back re: here.
  • The life of a clown.
  • Once upon a time I would have wallowed in a Greenwald takedown of Max Boot. I used a photo of a woman posed as a lunatic as Max Boot's avatar. Fuck me. Boot's still a shitsmear, but he has no influence (unlike the other guy).
  • Mass surveillance: what hasn't changed.
  • Towards a bestiary of the capitalist imagination.
  • The Sanders Syndrome hits home.
  • Alleyway.
  • Ed interviewed the two editors of William T Vollmann: a Critical Companion, part one here, part two here. I'm a third into Argall - I hope to reread it, and maybe one more of the already published Seven Dreams before the latest, The Dying Grass, is published next month, and then reread the rest after that.


Rae Armantrout

About can mean near
or nearly.

A book can be about something

or I can be about
to do a thing
and then refrain.

To refrain is to stop yourself.

A refrain
is a repeated phrase.


This table is an antique
from the early Machine Age.
The indented
circle within a circle
which appears
at three-inch intervals
around the base
may be a nod
to craftsmanship
or may be a summary
dismissal of same.

It is charming
in its mute simplicity.


People will ask, "Why should we care about this unattractive character?"
despite the fact that turning yourself into an admirable character
has been considered gauche for as long as I can recall.

The word "transparent" is often affixed to such efforts
while the mystification surrounding the unflattering self-portrait
at least provides some cover.

Now someone will say, "You don't need cover
unless you're standing naked at a window
shouting, 'Look up here!'"