Friday, June 5, 2015

I Was the Only One to Survive Thanks to Your Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, or: Theme Song 6/5/15, or: Current Status


  1. 1)surprisingly, it's a record from the turn of the millennium

    2) good weather is predicted around here for the weekend - outdoor activities may be pleasant - enjoy yourself, it's later than you think

    3) i joined facebook to see pictures of my great-niece - she recently became 8 months old

    4) charlie pierce likes hillary's sticking it to the rethuglicans over voting rights -

    as for me - ABC

  2. Whew! The fuckery felt stronger this time.

    1. Mostly me - I had a conversation Wednesday with a friend prompted by the article on Mark Kozelek being an asshole I posted and my question whether it matters to the music that Kozelek is an asshole, and it reminded me of Tony Hecht's judgment of my poetry, that I was decent but would never be great because I wasn't (and still am not) willing to be asshole enough to be autobiographical enough to hurt, when necessary for the creating and crafting of the poem (which should come first!), people who'd be hurt if I was truer to poetry than true to loved ones. I hadn't thought about it in a couple of years, ZAP! It haywired me. I'll stop there, not to not hurt anyone's feelings with what I would say but because I'm still working on it and, most of all, don't wanna.