Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Just Then an Avalanche Flew Overhead

Look! Another failed poem. (UPDATE! Another failed post, devolved into a gag: an angel - an angel from my past at xxxxxxxx - reached out to me, told me to x the fuck up.) My colleague of at least 15 years, the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, one I have been on committees with, with whom I have discussed things outside of work, our respective health, diet, exercise routines, my daughter's experience at college, the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx to her xxxx-xxxx xxxxxxx after xxx xxxxxxxx became xxxxx in xxxxxxxx last year, yesterday called me Joe all morning. My name is Jeff. The timing is darkly perfect. Fine metaphors abound. Look! Another failed poem.

  • UPDATE! Yes I know, I did this before, hopefully won't be a third time.
  • Failed in my judgment. Ones I deem not-failed (the highest grade I give myself) you may think failed too.
  • There will be a not-failed poem (by my judgment) out of this. Someday.
  • She got my name right this morning. 
  • If you're reading this and know who I'm talking about, sssssh..... please please please. Do it for the gag's sake, not the confidentiality. Please. (UPDATE! But for the confidentiality too, please, xoxo.)
  • Have you met a typically nonperson lately?
  • Happiness, whatever....
  • In a broken doll's eyes.
  • A roomful of death and destruction.
  • Chance encounters.
  • New Ashbery! (followed by my favorite Lampchop song - I binged last night, it's one of the ways I try to deepen the Dark, a necessary move to get out of the Dark - as of right this second.)


John Ashbery

We were arguing about whether NBC
was better than CBS. I said CBS
because it's smaller and had to work
harder to please viewers. You didn't
like either that much but preferred
smaller independent companies.
Just then an avalanche flew
overhead, light blue against the
sky's determined violet. We
started to grab out stuff but
it was too late. We segued....

And in another era the revolutions
were put down by the farmers,
working together with the peasants
and the enlightened classes. All
benefited in some way. That was
all I had to hear.


  1. Who are you kidding? Hesay probably peruses your loogbay already.

    1. Ishfulway hinkingtay. Hat'dthay ebay unnyfay!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tim, but I have to hate you to draw (or sing) for you.