Monday, July 13, 2015

These Are the Words That the Voice Was Repeating

This year's edition of the traditional post. Here, what I write (odometer updated) every year:

Fifty-four today, this guy. When we met in 5th grade forty-six years ago neither of us predicted the weirdest year of our lives would be 2015.

So this year it's been forty-six years since we met, and this year makes last year look normal, though as always, this: twenty-two years ago Landru was the first human not Earthgirl or me or a doctor or a nurse to hold Planet.



And especially


  1. Fuck we're old, & c. Thank you very kindly.

  2. at landru's blog he once posted some cute bunny pictures, and in response i posted the following

    those cute bunnies remind me of a joke from the mid-20th century

    the main character is a distinguished boston matron of a certain age who goes to a taxidermist patronized by the carriage trade with two recently-deceased pet rabbits

    she speaks at length of her love for these rabbits, and that which they had for each other, and how when one passed away of natural causes the other died of grief almost immediately, and how she would like them to be preserved so she can always remember the sweet affection which they personified, etc etc etc

    finally the taxidermist interrupts her - "yes, madam, you'd like them mounted"

    "oh no - holding paws would be quite sufficient"