Monday, August 24, 2015

[evaluated. Meanwhile, press on, adopting]

Everything is a work. Two Business school professors yesterday at the desk at the Library talking, the world economy is going to crash this week said one, the second said, so much profit to make this week. Re: Biden/Warren - work. Please believe me, I am not outraged at this - Stewart/Cena, work, a work of a work. Trump: work of a work. Work cubed soon, then quadrupled, then quintupled..... Norman, everything is a work. My saying everything is a work is a work. Ishiguro archives? Work. Borges, born 116 years ago today, work x infinity. This blog, me - clearly not work enough.

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  1. speaking of borges, i love the story of fred murdock, who becomes a librarian at yale

    last week i read that monica crowley predicted a biden/warren ticket for the dems - i put this in a comment at the daily mail, saying i'd vote for that ticket, and for a while it was the most disliked comment at that story (it ended up as second most disliked)

    then over the weekend biden comes in to his official residence on saturday to meet with warren, and it's in all the papers

    is monica crowley on to something?

    who knows if it's good or bad?