Friday, September 4, 2015


Earthgirl texted me last night so I put up this (taken down to not temp jinx, but I've witnesses who can vouch it was up):

Activating the Napoleon Emergency Alert System. Been six days, plus school across street started Monday plus we had loud work done on the house, so ACTIVATING THE NAPOLEON ALERT SYSTEM! Send good thoughts.

And then, when I got home at ten o'clock:

Mysteries of faith. I don't know how it works, I don't know why it works, I just know it works.


  1. Gustav Fechner, pioneering experimental psychophysiologist, and philosopher (see William James' A Pluralistic Universe - will I read this while I have the chance?), said something like

    "Of all miracles,the greatest is that anything exists at all."

    But the fact that the Napoleon Alert System works is also impressive, in its own way.

    1. As you and any regular can testify, I'm attention-slut enough to post most anything, but I'm incredibly judicious about the NEAS because it *does* work and I never post it unless I mean it (MomCat Emergency Alert System too). If Nap hadn't shown up by TONIGHT I was going to turn it on (I wait a week) but of course, at Earthgirl's request I turned it on last night. This is true: it has never not worked within twelve hours, and I swear, I think the average is two.