Thursday, September 3, 2015

This Beautiful and Loving Iteration of Swans, Redux

Re-posted from last night (with new content below): Swans, motherfuckers, go buy the upcoming live album and help fund new studio album, the last album and last tour - this is on the youtube - for "this beautiful and loving iteration of Swans."

Gira: By this I mean that each of us will continue on our own glorious diamond-strewn path - well, my 5 friends will, anyway – and I intend to keep the name and ongoing project of Swans active in a different form, drawing sporadically on the myriad list of musical cohorts I’m met along the way over the last 30 plus years (including I hope, at times, if they’ll consent, my 5 friends mentioned above) , but the creature, the beast, the monster, the liberating vortex of light and sound that is the 6 of us working in close quarters together over extended periods of time, will cease to exist. Most likely, Swans albums will not appear so fast and furious. And who knows how future albums will sound? One part of me wants more sound in the future, more orchestration, complete sonic overload, and another side wants to pare things down and try at last to write the extended sort of narratives I’ve always thought lurked somewhere inside me but I never quite found. But I do know that Swans shows and tours will be decidedly less frequent and more sporadic after this last extended push we’re planning after the upcoming new record

500 mile radius (to arbitrarily pick a round number) as many shows as I'm able, I'll drive, you buy gas. LOUD! please.


  1. I swoon for Swans when they are near, give thanks for the (likely too) loyal kind, will return for these & the rest of bullet one's mention until the day my click finger functions no more, and above all (except for this missive making) preoccupy myself with the promise of Roedelius & co. tonight, tomorrow night, as well as those two of the weekend.

    We'll see if the result of Eno's playing with blocks of light moves me anywhere near as much as his playing with magnetic tape. I've always suspected no, so my expectations would seem to promise yes, unless their promising yes sets my expectations too high.

    1. I envy you the concerts and look forward to hearing about them. Have a blast!