Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Garbage Cans Went Dashing Down the Alley after Their Souls

  • ▲ A gorgeously heartbreaking meditation on despair and depression and Dark: Section XXIII of Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red. Had cause to break out my copy yesterday, now halfway through my third reading this year. ▲ Click, yo. ▲ Offer still stands: if I like you and you ask nice I will turn you on.
  • I just remembered that tomorrow is a High Egoslavian Holy Day, and there may or not be link-farming tonight much less links tomorrow (tho who knows), so a few links today while they are fresh.
  • The privatization of stress.
  • On the great Hungarian plain.
  • The dark grotesquerie of parallax media.
  • The Elite's childlike commitment to austerity.
  • The game of capitalist propaganda.
  • being and nothingness, the political part. Duh, but good duh reminder.
  • Once upon a time the thought of Obama trolling the right with a person of color named Ahmed would have made me happy.
  • Having said that, fuck the motherfucking cops.
  • Pessimism after Corbyn.
  • If the guy on the bike from the other day was talking on his phone setting up drinking games for tonight's GOP POTUS debate, I would have gone to jail and pushed him off his bike to smash his melon.