Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Should Be Careful of a Dangerous Analogy: the Pig Is Only the Pig

  • Zoviet France started playing in my head Monday evening and has been playing ever since. That the above is the one that started it is !
  • Also too, this bumps the last post from the top. You're welcome.
  • I confess, I was unable to refrain from making a David Cameron joke (now Cameron can date Scott Walker). And this is not a defense of Cameron - he wanted the initiation rite, knew the profits down the line - but consider: had he not facefucked the pig he would not be Prime Minister of Britain: The ritualised, sexually grotesque nature of Cameron’s initiation sets it apart somewhat, of course; but what’s also different about this kind of ritual in elite circles is the calculation behind it, the power and control it affords, and the self-perpetuating network of influence it creates. Consider this scenario; at elite institutions, those earmarked – by wealth, by title, by connections – for future leadership roles are forced, as impressionable young people, to carry out humiliating acts in order to gain acceptance by an in-group. That same in-group will, over the course of their lives, help advance their career massively in ways both overt and covert; membership of that group essentially secures their success in life. The cost of entry, paid by all members of the group, is participation in humiliating acts; acts which will forever wed them to the group, because should they later act in a way contrary to the group’s interests or desires, their “indiscretions” can be brought back to destroy their careers or personal lives.
  • Bill Clinton did say that blowjobs are not sex, yes?
  • On the fucking of a dead pig's face.
  • I made it through the Walker candidacy without once hearing him talk. I have no idea what he sounds like. Same is true of Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, that dude from Yale running as a Democrat, and Bernie Sanders. Gonna continue.
  • Migrants on the death path to ruin. (Szymborska!)
  • A message from Joseph Goebbels.
  • The banality of optimism.
  • Photos that nail depression.
  • Of course Exxon - and all Triskelions - knew and know.


D.A. Powell

soon, industry and agriculture converged
                        and the combustion engine
sowed the dirtclod truck farms green   
                                  with onion tops and chicory

mowed the hay, fed the swine and mutton   
                      through belts and chutes

cleared the blue oak and the chaparral
                                    chipping the wood for mulch

back-filled the marshes
                        replacing buckbean with dent corn   

removed the unsavory foliage of quag
                                 made the land into a production
made it produce, pistoned and oiled
                              and forged against its own nature

and—with enterprise—built silos
                            stockyards, warehouses, processing plants
abattoirs, walk-in refrigerators, canneries, mills
                                                                & centers of distribution   

it meant something—in spite of machinery—
                      to say the country, to say apple season
though what it meant was a kind of nose-thumbing   
                                           and a kind of sweetness
                      as when one says how quaint
knowing that a refined listener understands the doubleness

and the leveling of the land, enduing it in sameness, cured malaria
as the standing water in low glades disappeared,
                                                       as the muskegs drained                              
typhoid and yellow fever decreased
                                  even milksickness abated
thanks to the rise of the feeding pen
                         cattle no longer grazing on white snakeroot

vanquished:    the germs that bedeviled the rural areas
                                                       the rural areas also
vanquished:    made monochromatic and mechanized, made suburban

the illnesses we contract are chronic illnesses:    dyspepsia, arthritis
            heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, asthma
                           chronic pain, allergies, anxiety, emphysema
                                       diabetes, cirrhosis, lyme disease, aids
            chronic fatigue syndrome, malnutrition, morbid obesity   
hypertension, cancers of the various kinds:    bladder bone eye lymph   
                     mouth ovary thyroid liver colon bileduct lung   
                               breast throat & sundry areas of the brain   

we are no better in accounting for death, and no worse:       we still die
we carry our uninhabited mortal frames back to the land
                      cover them in sod, we take the land to the brink   
          of our dying:    it stands watch, dutifully, artfully
enriched with sewer sludge and urea
                                             to green against eternity of green

hocus-pocus:    here is a pig in a farrowing crate
                                     eating its own feces   
human in its ability to litter inside a cage
                        to nest, to grow gravid and to throw its young

I know I should be mindful of dangerous analogy:
          the pig is only the pig
                         and we aren't merely the wide-open field
                                    flattened to a space resembling nothing

you want me to tell you the marvels of invention?    that we persevere
that the time of flourishing is at hand?    I should like to think it

meanwhile, where have I put the notebook on which I was scribbling

it began like:
                     "the smell of droppings and that narrow country road . . ."