Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[The candidate presenting for Associate]

[The candidate presenting for associate]

The candidate presenting for Associate University Librarian of Scholarly
     Research/Collection Development
is a fat man in a Bowtie.
Beneath the fat man's freight train jowls
     Bowtie humps like a pro.
I did not think of Bowtie as an inanimate object.
Time-based archives, says the fat man in a Bowtie,
represent formidable and significant
     fiscal and legal risks,
but since everything -  everything - henceforth's
     time-based archives
we need capture the potential of inevitability.
Inevitability snapped my bow tie trance.
Am on hiring committee, required to review
     the digital archive, I'm....
Bowtie sleeps sound on a hook in a closet, imminently knotable
     for next time.