Wednesday, September 2, 2015

See Youtube Title

Read last night of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Cal Ripken's 2131 game this September 6. I was at a number of the run-up games (this was before Peter Angelos drove the Orioles out of me completely and baseball - I thought - nearly), and I know I was at 2129 (Landru and I think he was there, Hamster, were you? I think you were), and I didn't take a thousand photos with a digital camera nor blog about it the next day yet I've a vivid memory of enjoying myself thoroughly. The youtube is my door-locking ritual from yesterday, used daily on house and car and anything I want locked since I left the backdoor unlocked at closing of Crown Books 826 on my first night as a Second Key Manager (in which I was nearly fired - if I had been fired I would not have met Earthgirl and there would be no Planet) back when the Orioles still played at Memorial and Cal Ripken was a rookie. Fine metaphors abound.


  1. something there is that doesn't love a wall

  2. Vinz Clortho! I always knew it was you. Or at least his assistant. Found the Second Gatekeeper yet? Or are you still looking?

    I saw Hank hit 690 & 691. Also saw a Cubs fan fall from the stands during one of those games (oddly reminiscent of what happened this week here)

  3. My son was 12 and he bought tickets for Father's Day through his baseball team. His best friend did the same thing. The players went out on strike and when they came back we realized we had tickets to 2131. We sat in the last row in dead center field at beautiful Camden Yards. It was quite a night.

    1. drip? As in drip? from the Pleistocene era of Blegsylvania? Hi!