Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's Inside Your Refrigerator?

New Rocket from the Tombs! Do see what's inside at least my refrigerator at the end.

More Rocket from the Tombs than you knew existed in next couple of months. There is a new album in November and they Rock and Roll Hotel on H St on Monday December 7th. If you wanna ticket to join me, Earthgirl, and Hamster - cause Earthgirl's already YAY! and you're going, Hamster, buy me a pint - please let me know by, say, showtime. Rocket from the Tombs should sell out within an hour of tickets going on sale Friday (when I'm buying ours), but it won't sell out at all.

Old Rocket from the Tombs!


  1. Alexander Osang is a German writer who spent some time for the Berliner Zeitung on assignment in NYC. One of his columns centered on his attitude toward the larger-sized American refrigerator. Most people I know here, including myself, have still today what we would classify as a half-sized fridge. Anyway, the essay began with his arrival and astonishment, wondering how anyone'd fill such a monstrosity. Alone at first, he described the sparseness not atypical of the bachelor cliché. When his family arrived, the responded in kind, wondering if they'd ever fill the thing, funny stuff happens along the way, and he finishes remarking that the fridge was full. Thanks for the soundtrack for my comment!

  2. Ditto: In my Fridge (which I have named 'Box') is Milk, Cheaper Cheese, a container of Yog Hurt, 2 Eggs, and a Rubbermaid container with four Mission Figs.

    Incidentally, in Re: "Barfly": It made me think of the 1993 film, 'Matinee!', which featured a film-within-a-film, called MANT ! (part man, part ant), a parody of late-50's sci-fi classics which used actual actors and actresses from those same films. A reconstructed version from 2013 is on Vimeo; it has a 5.8 Hoot factor.