Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Deactivating the Napoleon Emergency Alert System

Worked again.

The neighbors to our left have three boys, all born one year apart, 2, 3, 4, and they think chasing cats fun. The house two doors to our right is a hideous new pop-up (even by hideous new pop-up standards, people can vouch). The motherfucking flippers are asking $400K more than best possible scenario, and this past Saturday I saw them angrily and loudly chase Momcat and Napoleon out of their yard as if they are the reason no one has bought the hideous new pop-up with the stupid-greedy price and therefore the reason the flippers' creditors call hourly seven days a week. I hadn't seen Nap since. Nap's taken care of himself for seven years, eight? but I worry. Plus, to extra-expedite Napoleon's return I had just finished a new header for NAPOLEON EMERGENCY ALERT to keep at top of shitty blog until his return or forever. Per every time, it has been destroyed, would be stale next time.


  1. I am pleased that the NEAS has been deactivated

    The outside cat lives a life of adventure, as Nature intended

    My current cat is an indoor cat and makes up for the circumscribed predictability of her circumstances by demanding attention at times convenient to her, less convenient to us

    Who knows if it is good or bad?