Thursday, October 1, 2015


I needed the latest mememe bumped from top of blog, but more: WFMU Silent Marathon is up, give if you listen, and they are again running the fund-raising gag of allowing entry for your pet to be next year's WFMU mascot. Fleabus did not win last year. Fleabus should win every year, Fleabus will never win because they will always choose a some kind of not-cat. Still, please review (or not) the above slideshow of Fleabus photos by Planet and tell me (or not) which photo you think gives Fleabus the best chance of being the cat they would pick if they pick a cat which they won't.

Reminder - best bleggalgaze ever:


  1. Replies
    1. I agree completely, but that was the one that didn't win last year.

    2. Yeah, but it could not win better this year.

      Hell, send the yowling video. DISRUPT, yo!

  2. I think the picture with the water faucet might be a good choice. And thanks for the mention yesterday, as always.
    Give Fleabus a hug for me. FLEABUS!!!

  3. Break the rules and send them all.

  4. As a Dog, I have certain innate prejudices, but I'd go with the laundry basket Fleabus too, also.