Wednesday, September 30, 2015

[Now I need a fourth This is true: Peter]

Now I need a fourth This is true: Peter
tablet, what-the-fuck tablets Jefferies (two syllables) I
one and two now washed think your ears go boing!
past experiments like my ears when I
that fuck-up archivable - hear a Peter Jefferies' song
will fuck-up a poem I digress too much
I like I write so too and into good washes
fast, a facile coward's of abandoned poems
trick of bravery I lose the haiku
counting syllables lines five or seven maybe

  • This is true: A This Kind of Punishment song - a Peter Jefferies' song - starts playing in my head, I hurriedly, excitedly tweet it out expecting all of you will be as excited as me to have it in your head. I am stupid.
  • Natsobit: I am stupid. Fire Matt Williams is one shitty manager, but Fire Matt Williams, if the drill-sergeant automaton dunce we think, wasn't at fault for keeping his job.
  • POTUShit: I've had a surprisingly easy time - for me - of not paying attention. I was asked yesterday by colleague what I thought of current status of this season's standings, I said - honestly - I haven't thought about it much. But, she said, what about Carly Fuckwhateverhernameis lying - blatantly lying - about Planned Parenthood, I said, has any major Democratic candidate or senior spokesperson stood before a microphone and given a full-throated defense of Planned Parenthood and denounced in clear terms Carly Fuckwhateverhernameis as a liar? No? OK.
  • Whoo-ee, youngsters, remember that story, long ago, about the British Prime Minister who face-fucked a pig, sooey, it reverberated for hours!
  • Arthur on our training in the virtues of obedience (please consider throwing him the coins in your pocket).
  • Speaking of that Volkwagon story in Arthur's post.
  • The time the ACLU turned it's back on Julian Bond.
  • Adventures in socialist advertising.
  • Our toxic selfie culture.
  • Dujuan Downer.
  • The amazing inner lives of animals: I'd love to read the Safina, but then, after reading about elephants being even cooler than I already think them the next time I see a photo of motherfucking poachers or motherfucking rich people with guns, I.... 
  • Study says hunters have small dicks.
  • Birthday songs for Ilse.