Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Imagined Interview w The Raris Peview


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  1. 1.

    Finding a package of favorite
    pens I thought I lost
    recovers a dare I thought I lost
    I honestly try to guide a pen from uncapped to ink death
    The pens, I use them, they fall out of pockets
    stowed in a fanny pack on a late December hike
    sometimes, most not, not dead after snow melts
    The little rubber balls on their tips when they're born
    Thumbing the little balls off


    You don't care about my theories of poetry
    which is why I could say anything and you'd bracket
    in side bar if you thought it'd sell a subscription
    My theory of poetry: I write like I talk always an 8th
    too fast. My theory of art: I'm indiscriminate,
    naive. My theory of music: I'm indiscriminate, horny
    Please side bar me