Thursday, October 8, 2015

O You Dead Pirates


Maxine Kumin

The water closing   
over us and the   
going down is all.   
Gills are given.   
We convert in a   
town of broken hulls
and green doubloons.
O you dead pirates   
hear us! There is   
no salvage. All
you know is the color
of warm caramel. All
is salt. See how
our eyes have migrated
to the uphill side?   
Now we are new round   
mouths and no spines   
letting the water cover.
It happens over   
and over, me in   
your body and you   
in mine.


  1. From the depths of our childhoods, I spit at thee. Besides, a Cubs Series win positions the stupid effing Nats as the new Cubs/Red Sox.

    Think fast: when's the last time you went east of Wheatone?

    1. Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant in downtown Silver Springs on Georgia is east of Wheaton longitudinally-wise, so if the question is, when was the last time I was east of Georgia Avenue it was a couple of months ago when Earthgirl and I hiked that cool trail on Northwest Branch off 29 near Trader Joes. And there's the Indian place in Hillandale we go to. If you're asking me when the last time I was in White Oak or Burtonsville I think you were living w Mothra in her apartment behind the You'll Be Mugged in Parking Lot Strip Mall on Briggs Chaney.

  2. Also, apparently, a new Eleventh Dream Day!

    Republicans attack Planned Parenthood & Obamacare relentlessly; US Military destroys a MSF hospital: what does that tell you?

    First time I've seen Arrieta. Guy's the real deal. It's not on the Bucs by any stretch.

  3. Second month in Chicago, July 1991: Had opened an account at the local community & got a phone call from a branch rep telling me I'd won a raffle they'd entered me into: four club box tickets: Pirates vs. Cubs. Didn't know anyone well who wanted to go, so sold three tickets at face: 15 bucks each (obviously not magnanimous, coulda given 'em away... but plenty of beer money).

    Once inside, seated a few rows back of Bucs' dugout, listening to a local prattle on about, "Looki' 'at guy, Bahhhhnds wid a fuckin ear-ring, over by dare!" Barry's head was smaller then. But seeing him and Bonilla up close was kind of a kick in '91. Guy arrives next to me, a couple of friends in tow. I ask him how much he paid: "45 each." I probably told him how magnanimous I'd been.

    As it goes to extra innings, I notice a mom, dad and son, disagreement between the latter two about leaving. Son doesn't wanna. Father says, "Alright, another inning." End of the 10th tied 8-8, kid still doesn't wanna leave, pouts, finally relents after a verbal struggle. Bottom of 11th, Mark Grace hits a one run walk-off against Bill Landrum.

    I was thinking at work today that my opening sentence was vague in that vernacular and thought about sneaking in and changing it when I got home. You quoted it. It remains. My gratitude.

  4. Yes, East MoCo is weird. Viva White Oak (YUK) is a ten minute walk from Ol' Hamster's nest. I think it is safe to say that this will be my particular Future Hell. What I found interesting are the layers of shell corporations that are making dough on this. I know that makes Landru laugh.

    Of course, your posting a link based on a Doors riff made me smile. "Weird scenes in[side] the Goldmine" is from what has to be your favorite Doors song, "The End."

  5. I hate the bucos. '71 was bad enough but 3-1 up and losing in '79? To Sister Sledge? I love Neil Walker and his connection to the incomparable Roberto Clemente Walker and wish Arrieta (started 3 home openers for the locals) had put it together in Mobtown so I'm glad for the Cubs and I can let go of my sports hate for the Pirates forever.