Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Next WFMU Pet Mascot!

Probably not, but pledge made, Fleabus entered! Go look! and if you flickr please favorite!

Reminder! These photos by Planet!

Yes, The Hamper won the voting (sincere thanks to everyone who played), but that's what I entered last year, though here it is again:


  1. How could ANY pic of Fleabus possibly lose?

    Also, you might not know this, but posting pics of cats on your blog is like so 2006. Been done. Haha.

    1. Station Manager Ken has expressed his anti-cat/pro-dog bias many a time.

      Re: cat photos - an occassional necessary reminder to myself that I do this solely for me and mine.

  2. today on the front page of the financial times is the news "US tech titans scramble to comply after Europe scraps data transfers" -

    "The ruling, the most drastic European backlash yet over the Snowden internet spying scandal, came after the European Court of Justice heard claims that the deal had exposed European citizens to illicit surveillance by the National Security Agency."

    today's editorial cartoon - a satellite, against a background of stars, with earth to one side

    the cartoon legend - Facebook 2016 Satellite

    on the satellite - CAT SAT

  3. On those few occasions in life when I've required a CAT scan, the whole procedure seems to go more smoothly if you first hand the technician a bag of Catnip in the shape of the Pope. Just sayin'. And no, I don't make this stuff up.