Friday, November 6, 2015

I Don't Know How Not to Participate

  • I had a pint with an acquaintance last night. Ben Carson, she said, Ben Carson Ben Carson Ben Carson Ben Carson. You realize, I said, the more hyperbolic the anti-Carson rhetoric gets the stronger his position for the GOP POTUS nomination becomes. She said, Ben Carson Ben Carson Ben Carson Ben Carson. Ben Carson. Tomorrow morning, I said, four people from tech services will wander the Library chanting Happy Friday! at anyone they see, I want to brain each of them with a shovel, but won't. What? she said. I said, this reminds me of a Nouvelle Vague song.
  • UPDATE! The pint drank last night, the above written this morning before today's Carson/West Point story dropped. His getting called on a lie by his - and his followers' - sworn enemies only enhances Carson's credibility with his followers. This phenomenon is not exclusive to Carson in particular and Republicans in general, yo.
  • UPDATE! Narratives of redemption.
  • Head-chopper's ball.
  • What rules.
  • Desperate man.
  • The native peoples of the Chesapeake Bay region.

UPDATE! Fleabus did not win 2016 WFMU Mascot Contest.

A chinchilla, a motherfucking chinchilla holding a WFMU member card won. 


  1. There are 367 days remaining in the 2016 campaign season -- it's the only season I know of that's longer than a year -- so you may want to stock up on shovels.

  2. 1)that's a good photo of fleabus, and i don't suppose losing the mascot contest has disturbed his equanimity - "i think i could go and live with the animals..."

    2)and speaking of poetry, and animals, i only recently encountered the following, which i adduced in a discussion of how science-technology-engineering-mathematics education differs from the 'humanities', broadly conceived - i asserted the latter are more personal/interpersonal/intrapersonal

    Teaching the Ape to Write Poems
    James Tate, 1943 - 2015

    They didn’t have much trouble
    teaching the ape to write poems:
    first they strapped him into the chair,
    then tied the pencil around his hand
    (the paper had already been nailed down).
    Then Dr. Bluespire leaned over his shoulder
    and whispered into his ear:
    “You look like a god sitting there.
    Why don’t you try writing something?"

  3. Chinchilla? Is that even legal?

    Jeez; it's like saying Ben Carson won.