Saturday, November 14, 2015

Theme Song: New Dark Ages

Here, timely new Rocket from the Tombs. Reminder: playing Rock and Roll Hotel, H St, DC, Monday December 7, join us, I'll buy. Playing somewhere in Philly the prior Friday, I'm waiting to hear if Alexyvee Alarum has work commitments or not.

Of the latest episode in Clusterfuckforever I'll just say this: look at all the giddy assholes, sick with happiness, the funnest day of their lives since September 12 2001 the last until the next.


  1. with regard to the energizing effect of quite recent events on those whose opinions are sought out on world affairs - chris hedges titled a book "war is a force that gives us meaning" -

    in all honesty i have not read it although i have read quite a few of hedges' columns and occasionally watched/listened to some speeches and interviews of his so i don't think reading the book itself would much change my weltanschauung though of course i am just guessing and sometimes experience contradicts one's preconceptions -

    the book i just mentioned came out for the first time in 2002, has been reprinted in 2014 -

    in seeing whether my county library system had this book i came across a listing for and decided i was more interested in looking into one titled "i don't believe in atheists"

    may the creative forces of the universe stand beside us, and guide us, through the night with the light from above - speaking metaphorically, of course

  2. Replies
    1. chances are you're joking

      in another context, i wrote quite recently:

      I intended to listen to the Democratic candidates debate last night, but I soon realized that I was having such a negative emotional reaction to hearing Hillary speak that I was better off reading about it later.

  3. While flu-bound, watching documentaries about 1919-1939 (I can stomach watching coverage of current events on France24, but no other news venue).

    While I can't back it up factually (and what comes around never plays exactly like the original), but it sure feels like the we're in the pre-Crash Twenties -- politically, culturally. If correct, then our next Pestident should be either Warren G. Harding, or Hillary's impersonation of Angela Merkel.

    One way or another, I Have A Bad Feeling About This Mission.

  4. hillary is not going to impersonate angela merkel - she will impersonate maggie thatcher

    1. Bummer. For our money, we should get Hillary doing Michael Jeter doing Ethel Merman in the Terry Gilliam film, "The Fisher King." I'd pay to see that.

      My reasoning behind her channeling Merkel is (a)They dress in similar outfits in the same primary colors, (b)Have similar hairstyles; (c)Have the 'Anarchy In The UK' album in their top ten hits list. Okay; maybe not.