Monday, November 30, 2015

Will Not Wash

I needed more yellow watercolor - I use yellow more than any other color since besides yellow I need orange too - but rather than spend $20 on a tube of good quality I bought a cheap spectrum for $10. Fuckers will not wash, actually block the water permeating the paper. Does play nice in palette chambers.

In a piece titled Challenging the Oligarchy Krugman reviews Reich's new book Saving Capitalism. Fuckers will not wash, actually block the water permeating the paper. Does play nice in echo chambers.

From Galeano's Mirrors:

England, Holland, France, and other countries owe him a statue. 
A goodly part of the power of the powerful comes from the gold and silver he stole, from the cities he burned, from the galleons he pillaged, and from the slaves he rounded up. 
Some fine sculptor ought to carve an effigy of the armed functionary of nascent capitalism: knife between the teeth, patch on one eye, peg leg, hood for a hand, parrot on shoulder.

If you want a copy let me know, I'll buy you one. Also too: vulture capitalism. Also too: Rocket from the Tombs interview. Reminder: week from tonight, Rock n Roll Hotel, H St. I'll buy your ticket.


  1. Ug. People read those tomes. Overt AriannaOnLine, the Reich regaled with a multi-point plan on how we must proceed if we're gonna war. 'If' was in the lede but 'if not' never washed up.

    1. I think I mentioned that Reich was doing a promotion on the book at Politics and Prose on a night we stopped by after eating across the street. The crowd was rapturous, he was a superstar.

      Still, it's a timely reminder for me as I fight back my quick reflex loathing of rightwing white Americans just how much the priests of the "opposition" suck as much but in a much worse way.

  2. Interesting but not Surprising: How the people who help create financial policy which support and nourish fascism (z.b., Hjalmar Schacht), or Fluff Oligarchs (Robbie Reich and Larry Summers), always have A Geddoutta Jail Free card.

    Ol' Hjalmar was *acquitted* in the main Nuremberg war crimes trials (rubberfies the human mind to consider that) and lived to be 93. There was a rumor that the Star Wars' character, "Hjal-mar Binks", was based on him, but it's just a rumor.

    And Larry (one of the major figures responsible for bringing about the 2008 'Great Recession') seems like his ex-Clintonian cabinet buddy, Robby, to be a financial populist, too, speaking like a champion of the peasantry. And, he is fat, fat, fat.