Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bleggalgaze: Tear Tear Wound Wound Read Read

I have a batch of links lined up for you and a couple of paragraphs written about Donna Edwards v Chris Von Clinton re: motherfucking Democrats and their motherfucking supporters v motherfucking Republicans and their motherfucking supporters, I'll get you the links tomorrow, fuck that motherfuckers v motherfuckers shit (for today, at least). I catch myself comparing the quality and quantity of hate I have for each and hate myself the most. I need say adopting Olive is the smartest thing I've done in months, years. I do want to say that yesterday, checking out - forgive me - Hot Stove news on espn dot com, I saw a headline, Gronk's knee, no tears, so this Tuxedomoon song has been in my head ever since (so fine metaphors abound), be in yours.

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  1. donna was once my congressperson - i didn't move, the district line did - i will vote for her in the primary

    that's a good looking cat you've got there