Thursday, December 10, 2015

Born One Hundred Seven Years Ago Today

Egoslavian Holy Day. Lots more here.


  1. His organ works are terrific. And Quartet for the End of Time is one of my longest held Lps

    Hey! How was Rocket from the Tombs?

    1. I needed to wuss out - got hit that morning with the campus plague. At the time of the show I had a fever and throat on fire. If venue had been one I could drive to and park I'd have gone, but an hour each way on motherfucking metro and two cab rides more than I could deal with. Fuck me.

    2. Is there some new flu going around the shots didn't plan for?

  2. It's possible. Had my shots in September, and last month was hit (though not too hard) by something that wasn't a cold.

    Whatever it was, I blame Ted Cruz, winner of the Greg Stillson Look-Alike Contest For 2106.