Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Olive's Ear

  • So I took down a poem I just posted but since I fed the feed I feel a responsibility to provide product. That's Olive's ear in sunlight, yesterday. It isn't that I don't like the poem, it's just fuck that. So, a couple of links now, more later (or not), songs later (or not), someone else's poem later (or not). Fuck it, I've not done a post this way, let me flail and fail at it too. Check back through the day. Or not.
  • Spooked American Coots.
  • On Divine (h/t Hamster).
  • Don't trust sociologists.
  • A transformed inwardness of time.
  • One of the multiple clusterfucks in my life right now. I'm pro-student, btw, but I'm the good cop (to my overlords' dismay).
  • My yard is scheduled to get up to three feet of snow Friday night into Saturday and we're being warned of a paralyzed week with potentially no power and even with power widespread internet/cable outages. Here's one example of how life has changed. Once - up to last year, in fact - the idea of being trapped in my house with no access to leave and no access to wire would have infuriated me. Now I'm, like, please please please.
  • Here' today's poem, William Carlos Williams' Blizzard.
  • Brad just put this song in my head! be in yours!


  1. Just made a HYOOGE pot of veg chili for a similar snowy eventuality. Make sure you have firewood in case of power loss (unless you have a gas furnace). Best!

  2. Years ago I took a community college course for library techs. I then did some volunteer work at the city library. I spoke a lot with the techs working there and I found most of them had two to four jobs as all libraries offered was part time work. And the pay was definitely not great. I liked doing the volunteer work but after talking with the techs I lost my enthusiasm for working in a library. They really seem to take advantage of their part time employees.

  3. 1)that's a great looking photo of a feline auricular appendage

    2)here in MoCo beyond the beltway i am glad to stay home, but i needs me my electricity - it's our only source of heating (no fireplace, no gas) - our power lines are buried, but we do have outages from time to time - hopefully not this time, or not for very long, at least