Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mechanical Hyperbole Government

  • Give us one day to say our peace.
  • Second eye whiteness.
  • No one gets out alive.
  • Fair and square.
  • Shutting Up: Day Seven.
  • About Hollowtide: now that I've tuned it - please, look at the Fleabus photo (I am now Fleabus' official photographer) on header now there (though there will be a new header - or at least a different header - each new post, it's one of Hollowtide's attractions for me. But now the downhill - in blogging, as in hiking, I'd rather go uphill than down, knees-wise. But true: this may surprise you, but I'm remarkably unorganized and confuse tablets and otherwise poorly archive myself. I don't timestamp tablets, and I want a timestamp sometimes.Whether I'll ever need one and/or use one.... So it's more than the bibloggal mania.
  • Speaking of that Fleabus photo - the camera on my iPhone is vastly superior to the the Canon I've used past couple of years, but I am unable to download content to my laptop because I haven't updated iTunes in at least three years. The last time I did it fucked up everything. Now, I know all my music is in the cloud, so I'm going to upgrade tonight - if you have any advice (including DON'T DO IT) please send along.
  • Assuming the upgrades go smooth, I will order THIS to celebrate.
  • >>  BRT!    <<
  • The errant eye: on Pollock and fake Pollocks and how to tell the difference. After my relatives mock Rothko at a holiday table someone brings up Pollock, some dinners visa versa.
  • Carnival theory.
  • Lyrical knowledge.
  • And I will consider the yellow dog.
  • On C.D. Wright.
  • This Heat interview. Songs:


Amanda Calderon

It was a party
Built for the minuscule elite
Lost amid acres of scuffed marble, wanderers
Newspapers & schoolwork
People knew
To speak in surreal, mechanical hyperbole
Government, of course
Monuments, behemoths
Of relative luxury
I know what you want to ask
I want you to take the truth to the world
Down in the city, loudspeakers
Disappearing into a hidden gulag
Centuries ago
The monks appeared
Every morning in the lobbies of our hotels
A minder was beside them
The monks followed us out into the parking lot


  1. First things first: Sunbathing Fleabus on WFMU coaster is the best Fleabus.

    Second: back your mp3 files up on an external hard-drive beforehand. Just do it. Don't fucking argue with me, all right? I know what the fuck I'm talking about, okay? Cloud? Shmloud! Sorry to yell. Comes from painful, person experience. don't have one? you can get a terabyte for like $25. And you fucking want one, you hear me?

    Also, ever hear of iPhoto (aka Photos)? It does that thing with the pix from your iPhone to laptop automatically.

    Oh yeah: And back up all your fucking photos to your new god-damned external hard drive. I'm not fucking around with you BDR.

    Just sayin'. ;-)

  2. I used Apple Photos but switched to Google Photos for the unlimited storage (so long as you're just using your iPhone camera, there should be no reduction in quality).

  3. All my music is on my iPod so I'm not worried about losing music, and I was just able to download without the iPhone telling me it won't until I upgrade it, so enough victory for tonight.

    Windows 10 keeps badgering me to upgrade, itunes keeps badgering me to upgrade, this reminds me I need to get a youtube of Olive at feeding time, she's Windows 10 x itunes in badgering.

  4. I'm still trying to imagine going to a dinner where Rothko gets mocked that *doesn't* end in a night street full of ambulances and some CNBC anchor using phrases like "seemed senseless tragedy", and "a misunderstanding over an American artist which led to an incomprehensible act of piekill."

    1. "The problem isn't Rothko, it's the zillions of Rothko imitators," says another bad poet imitating Ashbery.

    2. There is that, but I'm still directed by the U.S. Federal Court for the Northern District of California to remain two and a half meters from any pie until August, 2024.