Monday, February 1, 2016

Or Maybe You Just Don't Choose to See

It's Blogroll Amnesty Day in Blegsylvania. Some of you who read me found me via the Kindness of Al Weisel. It is because of Al that I adopted my blogroll policy (and, to a large extent, my linking policy, besides giving you stuff I think you might find of interest) - if you Kind me, I'll Kind you, which reminds me - if you are Kinding me but me not you, please let me know. Most importantly, be Kind, motherfuckers.

The Three Holy YouTubes of Egoslavian Blogsluttery:

  • So, if you want to send me a favorite post of yours and/or want to send a link to someone who you think I and others would dig, send me and I'll add to post.
  • Charlie from 2007.
  • UPDATE! Mongo sends this Mongo post.
  • UPDATE! Charlie recommends this 2010 Mongo post.
  • I doubt I'll need two of three of those bullets, will add more, surprise me.
  • The irony being, this is one of my favorite posts of the year and BECAUSE it's one of MY favorites I think, people will read it, though in fact it will be one of the least pinged posts of the year. Fine metaphors abound = fuck me.
  • implying one's own unheardness.
  • I tweeted out what the perfect post title for a Schubert/John Lydon birthday post yesterday - This Sonata Love Song - but (a) no one got it or (b) people got it and didn't think it as funny as I do and (c) I changed the post title and one person let me know he got it. Hi, Paleo 101!
  • Clarification - my hatred of the Clinton's is pure. It doesn't matter whether I like, respect, despise, ignore, mock, or give a flying fuck about who is running against them.
  • That fucking month without a primary - I think the next was Pennsylvania, but I could be wrong - when Obama and Clinton were practically dead even? Jeebus fricking crisp.
  • Too poor to retire, too young to die.
  • History or technological determinism?
  • Kitsch, dirt, mud, chaos.
  • Richard, writing on Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts, of course put this in my head.
  • I heart your dog's head.
  • This being, of course, this shitty blogs Official Theme Song:


Mark Ford

Accordingly, I lay with my wife for three
Successive nights. During this exact period of time
The Mets beat the Cubs and it rained continuously.

October 8th. Fearful itching all over.
After much prodding and goading from H,
I agree to see a skin specialist.

The park by starlight. The margins
Fill will doodles. This space, these
Pages, shelve ever more steeply into darkness.


  1. a favorite post of mine -

  2. What do you hate more, the Clintons, or the proper use of apostrophes? Asking for a friend.

  3. Disparaging Comment of the Day about General Douglas MacArthur:

    “He’d like to occupy a throne room surrounded by experts in flattery; while in a dungeon beneath, unknown to the world, would be a bunch of able slaves doing his work and producing the things that, to the public, would represent the brilliant accomplishment of his mind. He’s a fool, but worse, he is a puking baby.”

    — Dwight Eisenhower

    (Quoted by Jean Edward Smith, Eisenhower in War and Peace)

  4. i see you still have room for more 'favorite posts' - this one (not by me this time) may be of interest to some

  5. In keeping with the season -- Aroo: