Friday, February 12, 2016


Yeah, that's old. Here are the seven (and counting) stages of shutting up at work:

  1.  I post the same poem here ▲ written x years ago filled with blurt that in its noise evokes silence.
  2. The blurt is redirected into old passions where the shut up had been heretofore deblurted.
  3. Some friends hate the reblurting of old passions, more friends welcome it, declare it'd been missed.
  4. I post a new poem about a mole on the side of my head at my self-zombie blog, change header to Fleabus.
  5. I contemplate writing an extended bleggalgaze this evening, do write it, don't post it, probably. Check tomorrow.
  6. I update/edit this post all day long. Or not.
  7. I go find old Noise and Syrup shows and post a song from the show I liked and I like them all, lordy.


  1. as i cannot comment at

    i will attempt to do so here

    1)fleabus there looks a bit like kilroy, of "kilroy was here"

    looking at the photo i wonder if it might stand for 'the observing self', sometimes called 'the witness' - arthur deikman's 1983 book on the topic was a major influence on me

    2)Bald middle-aged Balkan-Americans get warts you Mayflower descendants can't imagine.

    speaking as a mayflower descendant - though of decidedly mixed-blood background - i'm not so sure that our biology is actually so different from you persons of the eastern european persuasion

    3) dermatologist

    my dermatologist, the music of the movie 'babe' etc

    4) optimistic outlook on future health expressed in your posting -

    looking for something on buddha's five contemplations, i came across this comment i placed here not quite a year ago - unlike the sparrow, who has one repeated song, i have two and a half repeated songs

    the nytimes has a news story that "groundhog day" is being made into a broadway musical - the comment i submitted to them about this -

    "Groundhog Day" is a powerful story of redemption through love, as the central character moves from self-concern, to despair and destruction, to a final realization of our purpose on earth - to be good to each other. I've seen the movie many times, including on tv - and I wonder if the stage show will include a plot element often omitted when broadcast - Phil's interaction with the elderly beggar. This adds an important aspect that balances the "immortality" and "boy gets girl" and comic elements that make the movie so appealing. The old man's fate reminds us of the background against which this dramedy is playing - that we are all subject to aging, illness, death, loss of those persons and things dear to us, and the inevitability of experiencing the good and evil consequences of our actions (Buddha's Five Contemplations).

  2. Article yesterday claimed that melanomas (inter alia) result from having Neanderthal DNA. Do you have Neanderthal DNA?

  3. I'm okay with reblurting passions -- unless the reblurt is frequent, in which case it's classified as a Periodic Eruption. Also, if the content of the reblurt is, uh, a Downer, your friends may start leaving bottles of Scope in your mailbox down on The Road. Believe me, I know.

    A friend at a gathering mid-week told me, "You're really beating a dead horse with all that stuff about the Rich and inequality. We get it. We all know about it. Find something creative and cheerful to think about, for fuck's sake." I said, You're not one of those people who tell others to shut up and not spoil the party for everyone else, are you? "No." I asked if posting a photo of a cute puppy or kitty would do it for them. "Well, maybe!"

  4. C, *Bald middle-aged Balkan-Americans get warts you Mayflower descendants can't imagine.* You're probably right re: genetics, but the line has a beat and I can dance to it.

    J: Hope so.

    M: I've urped my last potus blurt until the next one. I could taste the last one. I'd like to think the next will be February 2020, when Chelsea Clinton runs v Jenna Bush, but....

    1. Jenna; and her sister, Not-Jenna... And Chel-See, in a Fifteen-Round Deathmatch Of The Dynasties. Should that occur, I'll be the old guy standing in line at a Kentucky Fried McLobster Garden, doing his best Rob Tyner imitation to sing "Human Being Lawnmower".