Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wrong Popovich

Wrong Popovich. I am asked by a quarter of people I meet and/or engage in a business transaction - I use a debit card in a store, a repairman comes to the house - if I'm related to Gregg. No. Popovich is a common Serbian name. I wouldn't be asked if I lived in Pittsburgh or Milwaukee.

Wanna know a secret? - Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee for President and Bernie will throw his full support behind her candidacy. I was driving last night when he gave his victory speech - he pledged to support in the general election the opposition he trounced last night in New Hampshire.

I had a pint last night with a colleague, my friend the Hillaryite. He preemptively dismissed the New Hampshire primary results re: numbers, proclaimed it an advantage for Clinton in she can use the results as cover as she moves to the left to counter Sanders' momentum. I said, that's precisely the cynical move those who dislike her expect her to make and consider icky. Icky, he said. He added, all politicians do it. I said, none of the other candidates for either party has three decades of doing it under a public microscope like she does. She has a record. She's a symbol of herself. He said, it's her turn, it's not fair. I said, she'll be the candidate. He said, I thought you were trying to quit. I said, I can't, forgive me, it fascinates me. The check came, it was my turn, I gave my debit card, the waiter took it, brought it back. Are you related to Gregg Popovich, he asked.


  1. Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee for President

    maybe - maybe not

    Bernie will throw his full support behind her candidacy

    as he should under those circumstances - noam chomsky himself says so

    one hundred and five weeks ago the daily title of this blog was from a.r. ammons - "The Song Sparrow Puts All His Saying into One Repeated Song"

    here is one of my repeated songs, from the comments that day

    noam chomsky and mistah charley

    this is a true story

    Noam Chomsky and I go back a long way, although not a deep way. In my undergraduate days I took a course from him, and got an A (it was "Intellectuals and Social Change" - a large lecture course - everybody got A's).

    On a more personal level, in the early 1970s he and I worked in Building 20 at MIT - it was built of wood during World War II, and was still there three decades later (I don't know how much longer it lasted - it's gone now). One coffee break time we were both standing in front of a vending machine in the basement, and he asked if I had two nickels for a dime. I did. He acted just like a regular person, not a world-famous celebrity. He and I have not talked since.

  2. Popović or Popovich or Popovitch (Russian: Попович, Serbian Cyrillic: Поповић) is a common Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian surname, and sometimes a patronymic meaning son of a priest. Wikipedia

    another one of my repeated songs - a cousin of my was doing genealogical research at the Nova Scotia Archives, and was told by a worker there, "We are all related - even the Chinese"

  3. Business As Usual: Hillary The Inevitable; Jebby The Inevitable.

    And Biff, Tad, and Chipper, their lovely wives Bunny, Dee Dee and Waxer, and their various children enrolled in Andover and Choate, will keep living lives of gracious ease. Because Freedom.

  4. I miss me the model of Popovich which is your bad self!