Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Standard Stories of Unrest Drag On

  • I can stop rooting for tribes but I can't stop rooting against tribes in which I thought I purchased an owner's stake and tithed accordingly, sanctimonious fool. United has new kits, gorgeous kits, a tribal kit, packaged as part of the plan to price out peasant elders for nouveau acolytes at the LOUD SIDE!-less new church, the fuckers.
  • So, let me scold you about Clintons: I am 56. I work in the library of a university in DC. I supervise undergraduate workers. I hear students talk. Many are emotionally engaged in POTUS 16 - as they should be - they're young, it's their future, their tribal apostasies will come in their own timeline. The majority are Fuck Yeah! Sanders! but far more - and far more viscerally - Fuck Clinton! especially the women. The fury expressed yesterday by the women at Madeline Albright - who is a University Professor, here, yo, though no one has ever seen her - and particularly Gloria Steinem was genuine and pure as only young fury can be.
  • I know this is professional wrestling. The one thing I said in Monday's conversation at the circ desk was that 2016 in intramural vitriol is nothing like 2008's intramural vitriol, youngsters, though I hope Sanders - and by extention, them - makes it so, and I wished them all a wonderful 2016 in which every young kit-wearing apostles' righteous vitriol peaks!
  • Because Fuck the Clintons. Forever and amen.
  • I thought to say, as the students expressed moral outrage at Clinton supporters' accusations of traitorous bad faith in all Sanders' supporters, Come August, when Clinton is the Democratic nominee, with Sanders' full support thrown behind her, when she is attacked by the Republicans, remember not to blanket all Republican criticism as rightwing neanderthal sexism, but didn't. Let the students find their own apostasies in their own time.
  • This is parcel, of course, of my failing attempt to shut the fuck up in all aspects of my life. I am succeeding wildly - by my standards - at work. Barking at old tribes? Not so much.
  • Fuck the Clintons.
  • Why the pundits ignore the truth about Sanders' youth support.
  • One of the students yesterday: It's like Hillary believes in two and only two things - she believes she wants to be President; she believes she's entitled to be President.
  • Why one millennial woman would rather go to hell than vote for Hillary Clinton.
  • Psst. I'm not pro-Sanders beyond his ability to piss off the Clintons. He sucks too.
  • Irony is the sound of freedom, part infinity.
  • Precedential material.
  • It really is 2008 redux.
  • Stupid and crazy.
  • Headwind.
  • A country breaking down.
  • When a bookkeeper runs a university.
  • Gaddis and inherent vice.
  • Proposals toward the end of writing.
  • Guess what casette tape from the 80s I found last night looking for something else.
  • New Ashbery! below!


John Ashbery

                           "Do I wish none of this happened? Yes."
                              - Governor Andrew Cuomo

Why would she have said that,
and undeserving egg, not to die for?
Rainbow pencils retracted.
Next, a group of officials withdrew support
of accidental forgiveness, and I'm like
Comrade Fuzzy, my gaydar's
gone berserk the way it messes.

Or say the response is tepid,
or buttered ramekins. Color me brain foolish,
on eye-drops - the history of his hounding. There,
it's not creepy, but it is.

You can't turn away or around from
the birthday table with its glaces
getting ironic around the benches understandably.
We're supposed to go our for the evening.
David has saved some money

and that stuff is now getting cold.
Within the relative safety
of the parterre it'll make me sick today.
You're not going to have any trouble.
Standard stories of unrest drag on.
Was that a painful moment?

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