Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Had the Happy Idea to Call Myself Happy

  • Yes, I posted (happy) news of Planet then pulled it down because bastards, posted a mood then pulled it down because the mood passed, posted the backside of the above, which is the front side too. The new tablet, a Leuchtturm 1917, washes superlatively. Doesn't PDF as clear as the moleskins or boorum & pease, but washes superlatively.
  • So there's tablet rule writing and bleggalgazing, so I'm happy.
  • Every living thing is a target.
  • The faux feminism of Hillary Clinton.
  • Washington Post hates Bernie Sanders.
  • Motherfucking Obama.
  • It is not my job to give a critique of Pere Ubu.
  • A state that is not possessive.
  • tender seven.
  • #464.
  • In Vollmann's Europe Central v Wallace's Infinite Jest, Vollmann is winning.
  • I drive on this road every day I'm at work.
  • Westerberg and the I Don't Cares.
  • Guess who started playing on the iPod shuffle last night as I was falling asleep.


Mary Szybist

I had the happy idea to fasten a bicycle wheel
to a kitchen stool and watch it turn. 

I had the happy idea to suspend some blue globes in the air

and watch them pop.

I had the happy idea to put my little copper horse on the shelf so we could stare at each other
all evening.

I had the happy idea to create a void in myself.

Then to call it natural.

Then to call it supernatural.

I had the happy idea to wrap a blue scarf around my head and spin.

I had the happy idea that somewhere a child was being born who was nothing like Helen or
Jesus except in the sense of changing everything.

I had the happy idea that someday I would find both pleasure and punishment, that I would
know them and feel them,

and that, until I did, it would be almost as good to pretend.

I had the happy idea to call myself happy.

I had the happy idea that the dog digging a hole in the yard in the twilight had his nose deep in

I had the happy idea that what I do not understand is more real than what I do,

and then the happier idea to buckle myself

into two blue velvet shoes.

I had the happy idea to polish the reflecting glass and say

hello to my own blue soul. Hello, blue soul. Hello.

It was my happiest idea.


  1. a hillary haiku posted at the "faux feminism" article you pointed to

    a disrespectful
    sobriquet one sometimes sees -
    "killary" klinton

  2. Replies
    1. Apparently they make black dot too.

      I feel like I'm cheating on my wife Moleskine and my wife Boorum & Pease. Haven't changed my brands of pen yet, preserving some small honor.

    2. Gotta look for some new pens. Bought the girlfriend some really good japanese ones last year, but haven't seen her use them lately. I will have something for your collection one of these days. After tax season.