Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Suburban Demonstration Kind of Shrunk

  • Triskelion joke one.
  • Triskelion joke two.
  • HRC is the only person who could lose to Trump. 
  • Trump is the only person who could lose to HRC.
  • Limited vision.
  • How did this happen, wonders Villager.
  • Motherfucking Democrats.
  • Clinton admits she's an idiot.
  • Kissinger: a reminder.
  • The imperial myopia of candidate Sanders.
  • Iggy's new - and supposedly last - album.
  • Hollowtide or Editwollow? A dear one advises the second. Another dear one advises the first. A third dear one tells me shut the fuck up. A fourth dear one tells me either submit for publication or shut the fuck up. I tell me I enjoy anguishing this too much. The majority of you won't click through to either.
  • That's new Ashbery down there.
  • Last night on the shuffle:


John Ashbery

The girl in the green ski chasuble
hasn’t yet graduated from radio school.
Let’s pay attention.

Looking ahead, why, he waved his mouth along.
Doesn’t life get difficult in the summer?
The divine medicine for it collapsed
in front of the shortstop,
who took off like a battalion.

Crowds of older people who would read this
happily, willingly, then walking into night’s embrace,
then kiss. “To turn you out, to turn you out!”
Sometimes an arm is accused:
You could have felt it, the blue shirts,
phlegm central, four times a night.
But what does that get me?
Light refreshments.

When the suburban demonstration kind of shrunk
you put your foot out,
leave it or kiss it
or even two years ago,
Charmaine here tells us.
I think I should stay ...    

Cross-eyed sonofabitch ...    
He liked him, he could tell. A de-happening.
The gangster no longer wanted to sleep with him,
but what the heck. With time off
for actual fuzz collected ... All right, boys.
Cheap murders, peach driven ... I seen enough of those
samples along the way.


  1. Wager 10,000 Quatloos that no matter which Trained Thral wins the contest, we will obtain additional changes in the tax code which are beneficial only to Brains In The Dome.

  2. 1) in my opinion chris floyd is too hard on bernie in
    The imperial myopia of candidate Sanders

    2)chris floyd's blog is named after a dylan album, empire burlesque - my favorite song from that album is "union sundown" - with a topic ripped from today's headlines - i enjoy jimmy smith's cover of it

    "democracy don't rule the world - you better get that through your head - this world is ruled by violence - i guess that's better left unsaid"

    3)nevertheless, there is such a thing as destiny - continue with your own plans, and if they are in accordance with destiny, you may reap a rich reward

    4)from the Wikipedia article The Gamesters of Triskelion

    Kirk offers that if he and his two officers emerge victorious in battle with their drill Thralls, that the Providers will let him and his crew go while freeing all of the Thralls and instead use their power to teach the Thralls to become a free society, while if Kirk and his officers lose, the Providers can take his crew to use in further competitions. The Providers agree, but stipulate that Kirk must battle the three Thralls alone.

    The match is quickly arranged, and as the Enterprise crew watches from above, Kirk is able to kill two Thralls and injure the third. The Providers replace the wounded Thrall with Shahna. Though Kirk is exhausted and does not want to kill Shahna, he manages to overpower her, and she offers him her surrender. The Providers show compassion and agree that Kirk fairly won the wager, and as promised, release his ship and the Thralls. Kirk gives Shahna a kiss and explains the Providers will help them become a free society before the crew is transported back to the ship.

    and they all lived happily for the rest of their days

  3. 1)my mistake - "union sundown" is from "infidels" not "empire burlesque"

    2)did you see this story about the penguin that became friends with the brazilian fisherman
    Penguin returns home every year to the Brazilian man who saved it

  4. Hollowtide or Editwollow?