Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In the House of the Host a White Cat Stalks

Olive watching me hold Napoleon last night.

I am the catalyst: how stupid to seek invisibility and then get angry when invisibility is imposed from above.

No, I did not walk the hundred yards from the door Olive is looking through to my polling place this morning to vote.

Here's the RIP Pastor Dick cascade I promised

  • Word and image at the end of empire: Diachronic, totalizing, and aspiring to omniscience, drone form is also predicated on massive asymmetries of perspective. As Chamayou notes, the drone eliminates reciprocity from the scene of killing and turns seeing, and with it the risk of death, into a one-sided operation: I see you but you don’t see me, and a drone operator at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada can kill but is not himself at risk of being killed. This has tactical and legal ramifications but is also a political-aesthetic problem. It means that the dilemma of unevenly distributed narrative space that Edward Said detailed in Culture and Imperialism—where the core speaks and has the power to act, while the margins figure only as silence—now describes the tactical raison d’etre of a new war-making technology, its operational advantage.
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C.D. Wright

The visitor woke early as visitors are often
curious as to what will happen next
in the house of the host a white cat stalks
the low rock wall the room is just so
the visitor has slept as if inside a flower
there is a sense of having crossed
over an unhurried river where there was
a drawbridge but no operator and the undulant
grasses on the opposite bank emulate
the whish of a sleep application that could be
the rhythmic wash of rain or of some sinister
approach or the strain of the unutterable
weight from a swinging line of hemp