Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Composing Camera Infatuated with the Shovel on the Lid & the Pile of Rocks

Digging through a drawer I normally don't last night - looking for something that should have been elsewhere, trying a space I knew that it wasn't - found the above, the nail off my left big toe that fell off weeks after I bashed it on a rock in a creek on the Nicholson Hollow Trail in Shenandoah National Park in the Summer of 2014. The rock it sits on is the one I had in my right hand as I got up from my fall. I texted the photo to Planet and Earthgirl: Earthgirl texted, Yuck. Planet texted, Wow, and added that Air was extremely impressed with the photo's composition (Planet and Air were on that hike, the first and last brutal Shenandoah hike they will ever). Earthgirl texted to Air's compliment: The fuck? Fine metaphors abound.

  • People forget Band of Susans.
  • In our town.
  • All right with being alone, not alright with being unique.
  • My apologies to Frances, I meant to bump this days ago: Welcome to Arroyo's.
  • The duh: despite all the you’re-Hitler-no-you-are nonsense going on online, when you look at nationally representative samples of Clinton and Sanders fans rather than anec-data plucked from the extremely nonrepresentative sample of people who like to pat themselves on the back for their clever Twitter bon mots, the two groups don’t really disagree on that much. That is, they simply aren’t that far apart on key policy issues.
  • So let me reiterate: I am not pro-Sanders beyond his ability to piss-off Hillaryites. He will herd his followers into her camp once she secures the nomination.
  • Overestimating neoliberalism: It might be that “neoliberalism” is not so much a coherent intellectual project as a series of opportunistic ad hoc uses of capitalist power. Which is what most of us have been saying, yes?
  • Kill the rich.
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  • The resurgent popularity of Eileen Myles.
  • Recently discovered footage of 1989 concert at 930. Was there.


Eileen Myles

Soon I shall take more
I will get more light
and I'll know what I think
about that

Driving down Second Ave. in a car
the frieze of my hand
like a grandmother
captured in an institution
I know I'll never live here again etc.
many many long years ago
Millions of peeps in the scrawl
the regular trees
the regular dog snort &
dig. In the West Village
you could put on a hat
a silly hat & it's clear
whereas over here
20 years passed
that rotting hat
it's loyalty to someone or something
that's really so gone
the moment clenched
like religion or government.
Wait a minute. I prefer
umm a beatle's cap
when it's really really old
neighborhood devoted to that.

Poetry is a sentimental act
everything spring she said
being surrounded by so much rot.
Pages & pages
mounds of them that I'm in
not some library but in your
little home, like you.
Every season I know I'm leaving
I'm as loyal as the cross
to this smeltering eccentricity
down by the river with Daddio
toss your ball in the river
in the future over bridges
they say you have to imagine
the 20th century. All these buildings were colored
a blasted interior
scarlet curtains rattling day
cobwebs on inexplicable machinery
a theater once dwelled here
all I see is rotting ideas
the epics I imagined
the unified cast of everyone
eating turkey together
on a stage
my idea
like waters towers popping up
feeling mellow
not exactly nothing all this time
but the buildings that are absolute
gone that I never
described. You can't kill
a poet. We just get erased &
written on. It aches in
my brain, my back
this beauty I'm eating my toast
everyone I knew you would
be dead tomorrow
& you were. The composing camera
infatuated with the shovel
on the lid & the pile
of rocks. He is not aging
same Alexandrian
blond in Bini-bons
the sirens are gods
when I lifted my head
from my swarming difficulty
You were so marvelous
bringing those toys to my feet
in between the invisibility of
the constant production & consumption
the network of that
& apart from the mold.
You survived.


  1. So the Twitter distortion theorist posits that the sniping twits are fundamentally politically aligned with one another, basing this on collated data that speaks revealing truths via a graph of the collated data. No distortion of perception there.

    1. Yeah, and citing Yglesias is problematic in itself. I was interested most in the overarching duh I mentioned, but a remarkable amount of duh(m) in just a few paragraphs.

  2. 1)i hadn't heard of shoegaze as a band genre before reading about band of susans

    2)reading about eileen myles, i came to her amused account of how, on an international flight, one flight attendant had addressed her as "sir", and later another had called her "ma'am" - very frankly, that had been my reaction when i saw her recent photo - is this a mannish woman, or a womanish man? when she was younger she appeared more feminine, i found

    3)on the general topic of gender-related behavior, yesterday i was channel surfing and came to an account of a woman in prison for prostitution who intended to return to that occupation when released - she enjoyed turning tricks, it gave her a feeling of power, she said

    meanwhile, she had accepted jesus christ as her personal savior - the prison evangelist wanted to convince her that she should find a different way of earning a living when her sentence was over - i changed the channel and so did not find out if she came to agree with this or not

    4) and speaking of religion, yesterday i posted a comment at

    giving a link to the full text of a certain senator's address to a meeting held at the foreign headquarters of a major religious organization - someone else wrote "Glad to see you commenting here mistah charlie. Always appreciated your input at [other blog]"

    5)and speaking of that senator, and his rival the former senator and cabinet official and presidential spouse, this morning on "morning joe" they were discussing e.j. dionne's column asserting that the differences between the two were minor compared to the gulf separating them from the republicans

    i didn't agree, and was glad someone said so right away on tv - one candidate is a neocon who will promote more mass murder, and maintain the wall street status quo to the benefit of the banksters [i paraphrase] - the other, not so much - mika nationsecurityadvisorsdottir pointed out that while the minimization of the differences between the two candidates was the propaganda position of the former senator and cabinet official and presidential spouse, this alleged similarity was a hoax designed to fool the sheeple [again, i paraphrase]

  3. A fascinating image today. Wish I hadn't read the description. I thought it was a goat hoof.

    1. I thought about making the obvious goat joke, but naaah. Oh.