Friday, April 15, 2016

*Hell,* Which Is Disappointing. Overall. Wanting in Force and Fury

  • The woman running the HR seminar created a system on management styles, HARP, or Harmony, Action, Rational, Pragmatic, or, as I would put it WBNA - Wuss, Buffoon, Neurotic, Asshole. We all fit one, she insists, and I must admit - as I admit here daily, overtly or tacitly depending on location of my mood on my roller coaster, I am a buffoon.  Characteristics above.
  • Pere Ubu LIVE! in DC! Friday June 24! Rock n Roll Hotel! Tickets on sale twenty minutes ago. I have four.
  • American Narratives: The Rescue Game.
  • Magical realism, and other neoliberal delusions.
  • Unbearable.
  • Is Clinton more dangerous than Trump?
  • Hillary Clinton's predatory pragmatism.
  • Barring illness or assassination, Hillary Clinton is going to win POTUS 16, yo.
  • So no, I didn't watch.
  • What condition Crispy is in. Much like the Mount St Mary's situation, I'm surprised how little play this is getting in academic circles.
  • 99 reasons Ed didn't read your novel.
  • Brad reads Borzutzky. As in out loud.
  • New GUIDED BY VOICES!  (as in, listen to the new one!) They are LIVE! in DC Thursday July 7! 930! Next paycheck. See! The rules of My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game apply.


C.D. Wright

I like nouns that go up: loft. And ones that sink: mud. I like the ones the peck: chicken. And canter: canter. Those that comfort: flannel and pelt. Cell is an excellent word, in that is sweetly fulfills its assigned sound in a small, thin container. Unlike hell, which is disappointing. Overall. Wanting in force and fury. I like that a lone syllable names a necessary thing: bridge, house, door, food, bed. And the ones that sustain us: dirt, milk, and so on. What a thing, that a syllable - birth, time, space, death - points to the major mysteries with such simplicity, as with a silent finger. And to our very vital parts: head, snout, heart, butt. And our fundamental feeling: fear.


  1. 1)i'm so old i can remember that in former times hr was called "personnel"

    2)if it's hillary vs trump, i'm not sure who will win, or who i would want to win - as a marylander, i need not worry about it - i can go ahead and vote for the green party candidate without the slightest qualm

    3)with regard to our fundamental feeling: fear - here's my only successful sonnet - it has a number of one-syllable nouns, including mud

    Midway in my life's trip through a dark wood

    Archaic myths of heaven and of hell
    that slept beneath the surface of my mind
    awoke and filled my days - this earthly shell
    was just one phase in Yahweh's Grand Design -
    The Son of God, I STOOD AT CENTER STAGE!!!

    With Haldol and/or time I came back down,
    put limits on my ecstasy and rage,
    and moved from outer space back into town.
    The Son of God no more, but just a man
    like any other man, I'm back on earth.
    The world won't end - just my allotted span -
    It's up to me to make it what it's worth.
    There's mud beneath my feet, and stars above -
    I'm here to lessen fear and foster love.

    1. an exhaustive list of one-syllable words being used as nouns in the sonnet:

      life, trip, wood, myth, hell, mind, day, shell, son, god, stage, time, rage, space, town, man, earth, world, span, mud, feet, star, fear, love

      some monosyllables appear in the poem that are nouns in other contexts - e.g. back - but they are not acting as nouns in this instance - i wasn't sure about the word worth

  2. Isn't "Guided By Voices" the official slogan of the Cruz For Leader campaign?