Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chiming Ahead of Your Headlights

  • Iannis Xenakis born 94 years ago today.
  • Holiest Bleggalgazing Day of the Year is Tuesday, but as of right now all I plan is to thank you for reading and posting the Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Anthem as a tombstone, though I need mention Xenakis' music is on the soundtrack to Dark #4, which includes the bleggalgazing districts and territories, so there's that.
  • Containment.
  • Against cultural senility.
  • I have toggled from thinking Trump a Clinton agent to thinking Clinton a Trump agent, I said to my avid Hillaryite Colleague this past Friday (it occurred to me to memtion this today when reading yet another example of breathtakingly stupid Clinton/DNC campaigning). Hillaryite Colleague thinks if Sanders dropped out now, lavishly praising Clinton and throwing his full support behind her, Trumpmentum would derail. My Hillaryite Colleague is breathtakingly stupid.
  • Does my Hillaryite Colleague really need to worry about Hillary's email? 
  • Silencing America as it prepares for war.
  • A view of the US election from normal countries.
  • Maggie's weekly links.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • Because I love you, the new Ashbery poem I linked to yesterday you probably didn't read between the two below Xenakis.


John Ashbery

Life with its sorrow, life with its tear.
And you know what that means:
the sky in a drawer,
the underwear underworld
on the floor of the moon.
Under the emergency lamps a small panic was growing,
keeping to itself, chiming
ahead of your headlights, wobbly.
You had just gotten so young
it was all I could do to contain you
in the linen dishtowel we kept for that purpose.
The doctor prescribed bed rest.
The cash cow is a going concern,
the intake not dangerous enough
that you folks enjoy.
It’s not immortality,
these mechanical trees, alders.
Good to know you’re not killing them all yourself
across the street baby.


  1. “Globalization” has not been neutral. But U.S. elites rigged the game so drastically in their favor that their own population has revolted.

    Good link. Unfortunately, U.S. elites still control both the government and the press.

    If not for Sanders, Hillary wouldn't even have to pretend to be against the TPP.

    1. i agree w thunder - definitely an article worth reading

      with regard to the election, one fanciful course of events that is not physically impossible is that the libertarians, led by gary johnson, whose nickname is "who the hell is gary johnson", may get a fair number of votes

      this might shift some states from the r to the d column - or maybe even vice versa

      or - and this would be exciting - if the libertarians actually got the most votes in a state or two it could result in the election being thrown into the house of representatives

      there, each state gets one vote - they must pick from the top three presidential candidates

      at the same time, the senate would elect the vice president - each senator gets one vote - they can only pick from the top two

      improbable - yes - but remember, back in the turn of the millenium, when the supreme court stole the election? unlikely things happen

      who knows if it might be good or bad?