Saturday, May 28, 2016

Worse Than a Hillarypotus

  • Blogging a Saturday of a Memorial Day weekend. It's three days until the Holiest Bleggalgazing Day of the Year in Egoslavia, so not so much bleggalgazing today. Tomorrow? Who knows, it is the third slowest weekend of the year in Blegsylvania.
  • Cats jumping through hoops while making funny noises.
  • In Trumplandia
  • Elizabeth Drew, the Villager I always respected most, gives in to Bernie will be the death of us all because Trump.
  • In nine Democratic debates not a single question about poverty
  • Progressive Democrats.
  • Can I please point the fuck out that the 2008 Democratic POTUS campaign was FAR more bitter and divisive than 2016 and if Hillary Clinton loses to Trump in November the fault is she's motherfucking Hillary Clinton. 
  • Music, nostalgia, clickbait, trash.
  • Dan has a new review of a new novel. Either Dan doesn't have old man eyes like I do or he does and is less a wuss than I am.
  • New Ashbery poem!
  • Ligeti born 93 years ago today.



All motherfucking
Doors songs, 95%
Rolling Stones songs. Pro

basketsoccer, ice-
soccer. Indestructable
new bacteria

(Eight Ball says Push). Bad
haikus. Unreasonable
expectations choice

exists, difference
possible. The day to day.
Loved ones suffering.


  1. Lux Aeterna = great piece of music. Ligeti opened up an entire strata of composition for me, and made it possible to actually *listen* to Eno and Glass when encountering them for the first time. 'What was it like, encountering ____'s music the very first time?' wouldn't be a bad interview question.

  2. I saw the Ligeti solo Viola Sonata performed last month and kept forgetting to forward it to you. It is an astonishing work and the performance I saw at the Kennedy Center was quite moving. No better time than today!