Sunday, May 22, 2016

Chinning Against a Dark Sky

  • The world as mediation.
  • Bernie Sanders announces plans for a new left party: a thought experiment.
  • Here is why I am not pro-Bernie Sanders. He is me. Angrier that he's not taken more seriously than what he barks he is angry about. He is not demanding a new paradigm, he is demanding more status in the existing paradigm. Me - and fuck me - too.
  • Still, today in motherfucking Democrats.
  • Gentlemen's thumbsucking agreement.
  • Just sharing.
  • What's essential is form, the rest is silence.
  • How do you eat the world's biggest pizza.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • In praise of the long sentence.
  • Look at the blogrolls. Deader Blegsylvania, and now the Blog Days of Summer here.
  • So, Sunday bleggalgazing in Deader Blegsylvania in the Blog Days of Summer: my uniball pens, the ones that bleed into the washes I make, almost empty of ink, especially the cherry red and rose red and orange, I bought four packs of the current model. Not one, four. The package said New! Improved! Smudge-proof! Fuck me.


Joseph Ceravolo

This is the second day without anyone.
I am chinning against a dark sky
to strengthen my arms.
A picture of everyone I love passes through me.

No clear light streams through this cell.
There's no dawn.
What have I gained
by lying in this abyss,
waiting for this masonry
to show a little slit
for my soul to get through?